Meet Shelley

I am a Transformational Life Coach. For more than twenty five years I have studied, trained and worked in holistic, integrative, metaphysical fields which is on-going for me as an explorer, seeker, finder of truth. I uphold principles and ways which respect the modern sciences and ancient spiritual wisdoms. I specialise in providing safe, supportive, tried and tested modalities, protocols, expertise and skill sets which embrace body-heart-mind-spirit principles dedicated for the best and highest good, to help you transform what keeps you stuck and limited. My work revolves around assisting you to remember the wholeness which is within you as you learn how to access that and become that for yourself achieving transformation of yourself and of your life for the better in the process. I am interested to explore, to discover, and as much as possible to be at the cutting edge of consciousness. I align myself to the best of my abilities to be where the most effective of these capacities and disciplines can meet, in order that we may grow and learn how to best assist ourselves as the new emerging humanity on the brink of our next evolutionary step, that we may harness greater all-embracing ways forward, for life here for ourselves and for our planet.

I continue to run my private practice Spirit World Medicine since March 2000 to this day and going forward, to continue to align my purest intentions, efforts and energies in service of the Creator Source of All That Is, within and everywhere, to help support and guide people who are willing to do the work that is needed for real change to happen with regards to themselves and their life and who need transformational expertise to assist them to do so. I choose to align with ways which can help co-create a new, beautiful, regenerative way forward for all life here, with our sacred selves and our sacred planet home.

From a very young age, I came to realize I had natural intuitive abilities. So too did I have a natural curiosity and interest to learn and gain academic knowledge which led me to study at University qualifying with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Psychology, and later an American based post-graduate qualification DNM in Natural Medicine, which embraced principles of Quantum Physics and entanglement, all of which formed a major theme and foundation in my life around my love for the Earth and my love for humanity and that everything is energetically connected. In my twenties I met, fell in love and married a man who was to become a great teacher to me, a teacher who taught me to stand up and re claim myself. Not my knowledge of Psychology nor my loving family background could have prepared me for what I was to endure in this marriage, yet I learned to tap deep within myself and to reconnect with the spiritual capacities I had lived in growing up, which I had largely chosen to step away from. 

For five years I found ways to be safe and survive an abusive and dangerous marriage. Once we went our separate ways, I immediately chose to dive deeper into my own healing process, driven by the question I asked of myself “where had I gone?’ This powerful focus coupled with a profound inner knowing, seemed to guide me as I chose to do what I needed to do for myself, where I stepped out of my comfort zones into different cultural-spiritual experiences driven by my quest to re-find myself and re-define myself as the whole, authentic, full potential self, I knew I was, deep within me and was capable of becoming

Mentored and expertly guided by many spiritual teachers, I went through a profound inner awakening which changed the course of my life forever after which I made the choice to open my spiritual healing practice where I was able to share what I had come to know – how people can heal and change themselves and their lives for the better. I began to discover a major part of what it was I was to do here and what I could offer this world. I came to know and continue to teach that you can create a life of safety, love, beauty, fulfilment, deep meaning and significant purpose when you consistently walk the path of awakening, healing, balancing and true inner discovery and self-transformation. As a child, nature had always been a place of joy and profoundness for me. Growing up I had to a large extent, stepped away from that, in an effort to try to fit into the world. I am so grateful that I came to learn the essential role of nature in my own healing processes, how to re-claim my power and to live authenticity in this world. As a consequence to all I am continually learning, what I have witnessed with myself and countless numbers of clients with whom

I have worked over the years, a natural next step for me was to become as I am today, an active, outspoken advocate for wolves and wildlife, for the natural world, for our planet at large. Balance is a gift from nature. The more time we spend near and in nature spaces, the more we can find more balance within ourselves. For there to be peace and harmony in this world, we need realise the relationship of nature – our inner nature and that of the natural world. As the people of the Earth, we must stand up to protect, take better care and nurture ourselves and the outer natural world, without which we cannot fully function as whole human beings.

Today as a mentor and way-shower I guide and assist people who seek my expertise, how to step into ways to best transform themselves and their life.

As a visionary I help people to re-vision, re-frame how they perceive themselves.

I know from my own personal experience, that it is possible to learn to shift yourself to transmute and transform what currently limits you, into ways which set you free, where you can dare to dream again and can learn what it means and what it takes to bring your cherished dreams into your reality and actually thrive  I support and encourage you to discover your worth and find the confidence in yourself to live the life you have longed for. I share ways how to heal and awaken compassion and kindness, where forgiveness is a choice which once allowed, helps you to be able to meet all others from a place of awareness, wisdom, discernment, compassion, from pure love.

I’m grateful to have touched the hearts and minds of many beautiful people on their various paths towards becoming their greatest potential. I provide various specific services from one on one, to couple, to group processes facilitating transformational awakening, healing, self development and life skill processes; to spiritual mentorship and training courses; to group ceremonial gatherings; to specialised spiritual procedures. These services are structured into four specific categories: