Awaken your ‘humanity’ as a guardian and citizen of the Earth



We provide Spiritual training courses in the form of three levels. People can select doing only Level One, or Level One and Level Two or can choose to complete all three levels, yet one must complete each level to be granted access to the following level each time. These courses offer yearly programs providing profound self awakening and self transformational processes which safely and beautifully open ones perception and connection to the vastness of life and ones personal role within this.

These spiritual programs are created to help guide and mentor you through your awakening processes, to assist you to become more present, to help you to learn how to balance and to heal yourself and to find deeper connection within yourself, as you discover ways how to step into your power to transform and become your fuller potential self. The more we awaken ourselves and learn how to open our heart and listen to our inner knowing systems, the more we as human beings can learn to collaborate with each other, the more we can assist our own evolution and contribute positively to our world, to help shift the focus of how we live here to ways which result in more harmony and wisdom, with more care, kindness and compassion for ourselves and for our planet home.

In our spiritual training programs : ‘’Come to know thyself and you may know the Universe.’’ Based primarily yet not exclusively on Native American Medicine Wheel principles, as a Medicine Wheel carrier I have shared these exquisite Universal Teachings since 2002 to date, with the expressed permission from my shaman Teachers to do so. I am in service of my Creator Source and I work for the best and highest good only. I continue to offer my work sharing these Universal principles with those who seek my guidance and I do so in my own authentic way. All my efforts align with only the best and highest good and my intentions are to help raise humanity’s light in our world through sacred prayer, ritual, together with inner self transformation and awakening process work.

‘’Awaken your ‘humanity’ as a guardian and citizen of the Earth.’’

These Spiritual courses provide various yearly programs, all based on once a week, live sessions one on one, with me as your Spiritual Life Coach each month throughout all the programs, dedicated to help you to heal, awaken and transform yourself and your life, guiding you to discover for yourself who you are and why you are here in these times.

Aspects of these programs are available on line and in person.

In our spiritual programs you are guided to safely and beautifully awaken yourself from states of unconscious living. We did not come here to remain asleep, lose our way with distractions, and destroy ourselves or this planet. WE CAME HERE TO AWAKEN! It is time for us to remember to awaken and to evolve!

We are called forward to unite our light, our love, our efforts to access and discover the greatest solutions we have the potential capacity to co-create as the citizens of this planet, where we welcome into our awareness the spiritual essence of who we are, which comprises all life and which can enable us to thrive, regenerate and help contribute towards new magnificent ways forward, which honour, respect, care for and protect ourselves AND the natural world. Waking up requires us all to discover ways to co-exist in harmony with ourselves and our planet home. Change in our world can begin no where else but within each one of us. Let’s bring the change for the better by being the change for the better ourselves, by working on ourselves and together co create a world we want to live in, which we all contribute to making – a world of peace, balance, a world of more love.

Learning to align with and to protect our ‘humanity’ and our sacred Earth planet, home to all life here.

Please be aware I do not work with nor use in any way, herbal plant activators, plant spirit medicines. All my work is based on inner training to access heightened states of being without taking any substances to facilitate.

Together as we embrace the teachings held within these three programs may we learn how to awaken ourselves and become the new humanity, may we learn what it means to be human and here in these times and in the process learn to access our innate ability to become our greatest wisdom and our greatest love.

We Specialize in the Following Various Spiritual Levels

Level One

Archetype Teachings

~ based upon Four Directions

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Level Two

Walking the Shamanic Teachings

~ based upon Five Directions

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  Level  Three

Frequency Activation. Stepping into Self Mastery

~ based upon Seven Directions

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