Sacred Events and Gatherings 2024


We provide sacred events and gatherings in our effort to help contribute to the best of our abilities to help support re balance and healing for humanity, the natural world and our planet, in ways dedicated to help contribute to a better world.

As with all my work, everything is done in acknowledgement of the Prime Creator Source Light and the invisible realms of light for the best and highest good only, which hold the entire process in each event.

Within this category, we offer : our INTUIVEMINDS talk show, , our Ho’oponopono processes and Full Moon gatherings through this year 2024. These options offer a sacred, open hearted approach where you are invited to easily step into connecting with deeper insights, awakening, healing and self-awareness and self-growth through the various processes provided.

In all the events we provide, you are invited into a safe, sacred space where you can participate in listening to interesting conversations on our talk shows, or engage with deep beautiful inner journeys utilising the skills taught in Ho’oponopono or relax and be guided into rich shamanic inner journeys at full moon times.