Sacred Events and Gatherings 2023


Ceremony is an integral part of these Full Moon monthly evening gatherings, as it is Ceremony that is the container which holds the sacredness for the entire process, in acknowledgement of the Creator Source Light and the invisible realms of light for the best and highest good only, which hold the entire process each evening.

These evenings offer a profoundly facilitated process creating a safe, sacred place in which you can easily step into connecting with deeper insights, awakening, healing within yourself through the expertly guided Journey Work provided. The evenings are held inside a Native American styled tipi in a private garden, around a warm ground Fire.

You are invited into a safe, sacred space where you can participate in a process in which you can gently step into your own inner worlds via a beautiful, rich, sacred shamanic journey which I provide each evening in these gatherings. Each participant can choose to lie down or to remain seated in comfort and to give them self-permission to enjoy this deeply awakening, healing, insightful inner process. The profound process invites you each time to effortlessly witness the messages your psyche reveals to you from this inner journey process. I hold the journey with natural musical instrument sounds, soft singing and chanting, spaces of silence, blended with a spontaneous, Spirit-guided uniquely channelled universal visionary journey. The completion of the evening is where I guide each participant with permission and respect to respectfully send with heart guided intention their unconditional love and light into all aspects of Creation, for the upliftment, healing, restoration, overall benefit of our Mother Earth and all life here.

No alcohol, drugs, hallucinatory substances are allowed or used in these gatherings.

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