by Shelley and James

Where Science meets Spirituality in the quest for Knowledge and Wisdom; where Truth emerges to Light the way forward, Our “INTUITIVEMINDS” talk show, is dedicated to help positively contribute towards awakening, empowering, transforming, raising of human consciousness to help truth to be exposed that the birth of Sovereignty becomes a reality for all life here. This period of time has been called ‘the shift of the ages’, the ‘great awakening’. We see this next great magnificent step for humanity’s evolution as “the quantum leap, of human kind.”

In these talk shows we share interesting conversations with beautiful souls, from a wide variety of various fields of interest, who come to chat with us, to help elevate global consciousness.

INTUITIVEMINDS is a platform which unites efforts dedicated to help inform, elevate and uplift collective consciousness of our world. Please join our channel.

Shelley Ruth Wyndham IntuitiveMinds platform host
I have a bachelor degree in Psychology and a post graduate qualification in Natural Medicine, underpinned by Quantum Physics and over 25 years training and experience in Spiritual / Metaphysical / Consciousness disciplines.
I call myself a Transformational Life Coach. I am a Spiritual healer and teacher.

I continue to provide my services from my private practice ‘Spirit World Medicine’ since the year 2000, offering

  • Counselling – Coaching
  • Crystal Surgery Energy Medicine
  • PSYCH-K balances
  • Shamanic North Native American Red Road teachings
  • Ho’oponopono processes
  • Mystery Miracle work

All my efforts are in service of the true Creator Source working with my Higher Self and Intuition for the best and highest good, in service to others, to help heal, and re-balance, to help guide and mentor humanity to come to learn to ‘know thyself’ as we step into right relationship with the self and our planet and all creation. The more we develop our awareness, the more we begin to remember we are all aspects of creation connected to everything, everywhere and love is at the core of who we truly are.

Dr James Liddell IntuitiveMinds platform host
An Integrated Healthcare Specialist, Dr James Liddell (B.Pharm; M.Pharm; PhD; SAPC and PSSA registered) is an expert in integrating different disciplines of healthcare to ensure holistic healthcare solutions. With more than 30 years experience as a Pharmacist, Dr of Nutrition and Complementary & Alternative Medicine Healthcare Practitioner, he believes lifestyle is ultimately the key to optimal health; a good nutritional foundation combined with sound emotional health are the fundamentals to what he calls ‘the optimal health zone’.

As a Dr at Lifestyle Clinic in Cape Town, fostering the balance between body, mind and soul in a natural way is both his focus and passion. Continually studying current and new forms of healing worldwide, he seeks the best techniques and practices to serve each patient’s unique circumstances. Lifestyle Clinic is committed to providing personalized lifestyle programs, as well as ultimately formulating and supplying complementary medicine worldwide.


1.“Transhumanism and the Soul” by Fahrie Hassan

Master of science in chemical pathology; specializing in molecular genetics, honours in medical biochemistry, specialist background in enzymology, immunology. Further research can be found by Fahrie Hassan : ‘exposing WHO conflicts of interest.’

2.”Sound healing modality” by Anneke Demnitz

Anneke holds a bachelor of Pharmacy and a bachelor of Psychology degrees, and today she is a Body, Mind, Psyche Energy and Sound Healer and Hatha yoga teacher.

3.”Binging the heart back into medicine” by Prof Sue Visser

Sue is a South African health researcher and product developer in the field of natural and alternative medicine including disease etiology diets, supplementation, herbal medicines and healing. She is the developer and owner of her global product range ‘Nature Fresh’’

4.”Re-evolution of our food systems- a path to wellness” by Graham Clack, Metro Organics

Graham is a farmer, working with regenerative principles on his urban farm. In this first episode he shares a brief over view of how his family run business of the past 7 years, continues to produce vibrant, delicious, organic, chemical free produce, producing greater yields and profitability than believed possible. Graham will provide future episodes on deeper philosophies and practice conducted at Metro Organics. He welcomes teaching and guiding other farmers and food producers to make the shift to organic produce.

5.Graham Clack, Metro Organics, “The role of the soil food web, in enhancing health”

“In this video, Graham guides us sharing his wisdom on the noble role of soil and the significant fundamental role it plays in the principle of regenerative farming and the ultimate overall success that maintains and sustains an on going production of delicious, nutritious organic produce.”

6. The Destiny of Divine time and the Mayan Calendar – Part 1

The Destiny of Divine time and the Mayan calendar with Sean Allen Caulfield discussing his journey of growing his knowledge and deepening his understanding of the 9 levels of the Sacred Mayan calendar. An exciting conversation addressing calendars as being central to our civilisation… and the relevance of what the Mayan calendar specifically can guide and offer humanity today.

7.The Evolution of Consciousness and the Mayan Calendar with Dr Carl Calleman – Part 2

The evolution of consciousness and the Mayan Calendar with Dr Carl Calleman. Dr. Carl Calleman joins us with Sean Caulfield discussing the synchronicity and accuracy of the Mayan calendar inviting us as humanity in current times, into deep contemplation about the cosmic energies, the evolution of consciousness and evolution of our humanity. Through studying the Mayan calendar, we can re -gain what may have been lost as codes to the waves of consciousness. This facinating conversation opens up the opportunity for humanity to begin to recognise, indeed begin to understand that there is a fundamental Divine plan unfolding which the Mayan people’s scrupulously deciphered and left behind to offer humanity a choice : the Mayan calendar offers us today guidance as it provides ways we can inform and prepare ourselves , for transcendence and for greater wisdom.

Shelley Ruth Wyndham