Terms of Service

General Outline


When any part of a person – body, heart, mind, spirit – is out of balance, healing is needed. Another way of saying this is – rebalance is required. When I refer to the word “Medicine” in relation to the services I offer it is the power that has to do with anything that makes us to feel whole. Life is a journey. In recognition of this fact, my approach in the field of healing and awakening work I provide, is to guide, mentor, coach, facilitate each client who seeks my expertise, to help them step into a healing process specific to their unique needs each time. Every healing process is directed towards one’s wholeness, one’s unity, to re-connect, to re-member the whole self…. the self as whole. The ”Medicine” I offer in the context of healing body, heart, mind, spirit, embraces an all encompassing way of life which, when incorporated into one’s life, can lead to personal power, understanding and compassion which awakens wisdom and the requirement for protection, care and nurturance in one’s role within oneself, between others, with our planet, within the Great Mystery of life seeking wholeness with all that is.

Healing cannot be forced, it needs to be allowed. Healing has to be chosen by you, the client. It is the client’s willingness and commitment to their own healing process, with which I work. When an approach and an attitude of respect and commitment to the healing process is allowed and embraced by the client working on them self, doing their part to shift and transform their ways, where process work is regularly maintained, where you are supported within your process by myself as your coach, as you step onto new pathways which can set you free, the miraculous, healing power, the ”Medicine” – the Divine – awakens – awakens within you. And miracles can begin to happen.

Healing is never a quick fix ; it is a process, just as life is a process, a journey, so is healing, so is awakening a journey.  When the client chooses to rebalance themselves in whatever way imbalance shows up in their life, guidance is essential. Whilst giving yourself time to heal, is of course needed, what becomes crucial to understand is what you actually ‘ do’ in that time of healing which can shift things quicker and more effectively for you, when selecting an appropriate coach to help support and guide you forward. There is no failure to get expert advise, mentorship, coaching, when needed. If imbalance is evident within your life, sound counsel, support and process work which provides opportunities and tried and tested protocols and processes as evident within my services, programs and my effort with every person who works with me, you can learn and embrace ways to help you to shift yourself and improve your life. Such guidance becomes invaluable. You may well not have caused what has happened to you, in your life, yet it is one hundred percept your responsibility to heal, rebalance and transform your self, because you CAN change how you live.

Terms of service

How do you begin your healing and awakening process with me as your Coach, facilitator and guide?

A client interested in seeking my assistance with their healing and awakening process needs to contact me / email me to set up an Initial Consult appointment.

The Initial Consult Appointment.

This is an important appointment where you share a brief overview regarding your story with specific reference to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual history and any related concerns, specifying your current specific issues. In this session in hearing your specific needs, I assess if I can assist you and if so, what particular options regarding the various types of services and programs I provide are most appropriate for you. I provide four main categories of services, being :

  • BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF – private monthly, three month, six month, twelve month skill set, healing, awakening programs
  • AWAKEN YOUR HUMANITY – private 2 to 3 year spiritual training courses
  • MYSTERY WORK – private, specific spiritual procedure work

In this Initial Consult session I will discuss and outline what is involved in the relevant categories best suited to your needs and how the processes generally speaking, will unfold for you. In this initial session, we get to experience if we want to work together, going forward. I create a safe, non judgmental space. Your intention for seeking assistance and what specific type of assistance you need, your financial budget and your time constraints are also discussed in this session. This Initial Consult session forms the basis of a mutually respectful relationship which is essential between ourselves and which over time will grow accordingly.

The Initial Consult Appointment is a once off appointment
Investment : 1 and 1/2 Hours

Fee : R 1100

Payments are either done prior (via eft) or in cash paid at this appointment session.

What happens after the initial consult appointment?

The Selection of Options

For some clients, there may be a requirement to do only one type of program / treatment. For others it may be required to combine various options that I offer, structured if appropriate, one session after the other on the same day, or staggering sessions over the week to help accelerate the healing / awakening process for the client. Each person is treated as the individual they are and the treatments are tailored and structured in accordance to the requirements of each client, each time.

Depending on what your specific requirements are and the specific type of services we have agreed to proceed with, it may require weekly / monthly / yearly appointments, or a particular focused process relative to what has been agreed upon by both parties.

After the initial session, the most appropriate options /  services / programs are agreed upon by both parties and appointment dates are set up and your process begins.

All appointments are booked and respect must be paid to the 24 hour cancellation clause regarding all booked appointments. Any cancellation of set appointments made less than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged the full fee accordingly.

How does the payment process work?

For all my services, payments are upfront. With reference to – Become the Best Version of Yourself monthly programs and – Awaken Your Humanity yearly courses, the payments can be paid upfront each month or upfront in full. For Full Moon group work, payments can be made on the evening concerned. For Mystery Work the full amount of fee is paid upfront.

Please be aware – regarding all and any upfront payments of all and any processes I provide – NO MONEY IS RETURNED if you decide to stop doing the process before the completion of your process.