Mystery work – Miracles are real

Destiny Transformation ~ Specific Spiritual Procedures

I am trained and work in this miraculous field, which we call Mystery work, and we have provided services from this field of work to help humanity, for the past twenty consecutive years and going forward to assist those who seek this level of assistance in their lives, and or their loved ones lives. In Mystery work, is the requirement and ability to ‘meet’ at will and to work directly with Spiritual worlds. This is a very real field. And the work we provide yields incredible, real results. In this field, I am working directly with Divine intervention : in service to the Creator Source of Light only, the Source of All That Is. I work with angelic powers of light who likewise, serve only this light source. Our work is to help those who seek our expertise and assistence, to heal, to balance, to transform and shift things for the better, if this is allowed. We do not do magic. 

In Mystery work, this field calls for the highest impeccability, integrity, and I can truly say this Spiritual field is more scientific in its exactness regarding the strictest of protocols which are to be adhered to and upheld in all processes in this work.

People who seek Mystery work expertise come from all avenues regarding issues of : physical illnesses, emotional dysfunctions, mental disorders, addictions, spiritual possession issues, curses, difficulties in relationships, financial challenges, career / business related issues, personal problems and specific requests, karma / ancestral / lineage imbalances and the like. In some cases, people see me as a last resort. Sometimes it is too late for us to assist them. At all times people know where they stand with me, as expectations must be and are managed appropriately to the best of my abilities.

I am merely a helper to people. I am not the power, yet I have trained most of my life to be able to connect with the power. And I do this with my full integrity for the best and highest good only, at all times.

We begin in this work, with a Check Up.

As an analogy the check up requirement is similar to a type of an x ray, which is required to enable me to literally ‘see’ what is within the client concerned, what the case is about and to assess if indeed we can help someone. If we cannot, we will advise what the client can possibly consider. If we can help we then outline what steps the client can consider if they want our assistance from field of Mystery work for themselves. In the check up, specific details are requested by me of the client seeking assistance from Mystery work. After the client has left my premises and is no longer physically with me, I Spiritually journey into dimensions to meet with the angelic realms to request if we can assist the person concerned. In this process I am looking to see and I am informed from the field if we can assist a client. Feedback from this Check up process once I have obtained that, is then shared with the client/s at another appointment time. All Mystery work is client specific work and this means every case is unique and there are client specific fees applicable, relative to the actual Mystery work. From the Check up comes the Mystery fee, which is shared with the client in the feedback session.

Mystery work

If we have permission from this field to help a person/s, and the client agrees, payment in full is made to me prior to any Mystery work being done. All payments in Mystery work must cover three categories :

  • There is a basic Spiritual law which says : For something to be gotten, something must be given. In Mystery work money given by every client must be given with a good heart. The Creator Source and angelic powers do not need money. In Mystery work specifiically, humanity is observed around money and how money is given and it is required to give with a good heart. With reference to this category, there is a certain amount of money from the total amount given, which must be given away to others in need. This includes individual people and or groups of certain people in need – where suffering can be alleviated. The money given away regarding this category is directed entirely by the field. Everyone who does Mystery work with me, will have helped others in need, whom neither they, nor I, can know. This financial giveaway is a crucial part of mystery work and this is done before the process work can begin on any client, every time.
  • The biggest expense in Mystery work, is the ingredients which are needed for the Spiritual and including Ceremonial work which has to be done to turn a persons life for the better, being conducted in Mystery work. Whatever each case requires, however many Ceremonies need to be conducted by myself with the field, Ceremonies which have to be performed in order to help each case, every time, there are ingredients involved. The ingredients are used in these Ceremonies which are done on behalf of the client every time. Some of these Ceremonies are done inter dimensionally, some done in person with the client/s directly.
  • My fee is around 20% of the total fee given every time.

After payments are divided by myself, into these specific categories and distributed accordingly, then the Mystery work can begin.  Various specific Ceremonies are conducted on behalf of the client, which requires patience from the client as initially these Ceremonies are not done in person with the client.

”God is never early, God is never late, God is always by the right time.’’

Once the Ceremonial processes are completed from the inter dimensional aspects of this work, there may be a requirement for me to complete with the client directly certain Ceremonies or where the client is given easy to follow step by step instructions for the client to complete by themselves. Thereafter, once all steps are completed, we will assess the situation on behalf of the client to assess the results of the case. The case may be completed at this point, or it can be possible that further work is required. Similar to some extent, as in physical surgery, there can be cases with Mystery work, that only once specific layers / conditions are ‘removed’ from a person / situation, that it becomes apparent that a deeper issue which can then appropriately be addressed, for the person to receive the full healing, or full release from a situation. Mystery work is not a magic trick. It is definite, real and involves good, clean, specific, procedures which we provide for our clients who seek this level of Spiritual intervention, to help heal, set free, transform a person and their situation to enable the sought after miracles the client seeks, to be accessed, embraced, lived, realized. Results can allow a person to live a more improved life. In working with the Mystery work we offer, because we are working for the Divine Creator Source of All That Is, means a person who does Mystery work with us is not going to incur karma as a consequence.

The Mystery work we continue to provide by the Source Creator’s permission, is Spiritual transformation at its best.

Anything is possible in this Mystery field, yet everything is dependent on the Creator Source and what is also called for is our willingness as humanity, my self and the client /s, to do our part to the best of our abilities, each time where faith can be accessed and true hope discovered. Mystery work is beautiful and brings a whole new level of awareness and beauty, love and deep gratitude within the heart and mind of every client in terms of the miracle of the Creator Source and the honour to work with this field of miracles, is realised to be the privilege that it is. And it is so!