Crystal Surgery Energy Re-Balance Sessions

I have been mentored by Vivien Schapera of Four Winds Academy from USA, August 2011 and I am qualified and certified as a Crystal Surgery practitioner to provide Crystal Surgery treatments which offer a complementary energy healing approach to traditional medicine.

I offer a monthly program of four consecutive Crystal Surgery sessions, based upon a structure of one hour and half sessions, held once a week, as live sessions with me as your Transformational Life Coach done in person or conducted over distance at set appointment dates and times. In this program, the focus of work is dedicated to support you to heal, awaken and transform yourself and your life for the better and clients are therefore encouraged to choose to do this program as regularly as possible, as a monthly program throughout each year, because the consistency of this work will help you to re-balance and optimise your overall well being.

According to Energy Medicine, the body’s health depends on information fields on the energetic or quantum field level (in the energy body and in the energy field around the body). These information fields are active, creative forces directly and intimately involved in the manifestation of a person’s state of health. With Crystal Surgery, we examine the body’s health through the viewpoint of the energy systems, in order to assess the information and work towards adjusting and re – balancing these fields to produce harmony and good health. Poor health and dis – ease can be defined as an imbalance in the informational energy systems. Healing work is accomplished by working on these energy disturbances in an effort to eliminate the disharmony and restore natural health.

I combine what I have learned in Crystal Surgery with my specific knowledge and experience to be able to connect directly with the Quantum / Spiritual / energy fields where I am Divinely / intuitively guided, working only for the highest good for all concerned, with each client, every time. This modality requires of each practitioner to follow the clinical protocols of Crystal Surgery and to combine ones natural intuitive and psychic capabilities.

The treatment is primarily a non talking process, though we initially spend a little time discussing what the client needs me to focus on in the treatment. Crystal Surgery treatments require the client to lie down on the therapy bed, fully clothed and blankets are placed over the body. In this modality work is conducted in a very specific manner for specific procedures in each session. All Crystals have precise, unique properties. In each treatment, specific Crystals are worked with, in certain ways and are placed on top of the blanket which covers the client’s body, in specific positions correlating directly with the energy systems of the client’s body. Many clients fall asleep during the treatments. Some do not. Some sensitive clients sense / report that they actually can experience the deeper levels of energy work being done while in the treatment. Others do not. Yet, all remark after the treatment, a greater sense of being more centred, calm and with more clarity and tend to experience a sense of feeling lighter, somewhat refreshed and grounded.

Crystal Surgery energy rebalance sessions are holistic in nature and can benefit generally speaking, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions of the client. Every client’s situation and conditions are unique. The client is guided if this modality is an appropriate option for the client to consider and how many sessions and how regularly sessions need occur in order that shifts can begin to be experienced by the client.


Outline and Financial exchange.

After your Initial Consult, (please read terms of service) if this CRYSTAL SURGERY ENERGY RE-BALANCE SESSIONS program is the service you choose for yourself, you indicate when you will like to begin with this package of four sessions. Sessions are an hour and half per session. Most clients select this program with sessions conducted on a once a week basis, however depending on the client’s circumstances some select this program choosing two session a week to help them cope, heal and learn to integrate more balance during certain more intense times in their life. Many clients select to maintain this service as a monthly process for themselves. Once the start date and time is confirmed, we set the appointments and the process begins and is done to completion accordingly.

Payments are pre paid, conducted upfront for the package of four sessions as a once-off payment or you can choose to continue on a monthly regular basis, whereby payment for the package of four sessions, is upfront each time.

Crystal Surgery Energy Re-Balance Sessions

Investment : R 4000 per month (package of four one and half hour sessions) done in person

Investment : R 4400 per month (package of four one hour sessions) done over distance. Please be aware, set times and dates are secured between ourselves and agreed by both parties, for this distance healing service, regardless wherever you are in the world. You are to ensure from your side at these agreed upon session times, that you are not interrupted in this session time, and can lie down in a safe comfortable place to relax, sleep if that happens, or remaining awake, yet alone and in a calm environment in order that you may be able to best receive the full benefit of this energy re-balance treatment. Once the session is completed there is written feedback from myself shared with you pertaining to whatever information was gathered by myself during each treatment.

Allow yourself to be in a safe, restful space in which deep and powerful holistic energy work can be conducted respectfully and non invasively with you, after which you can begin to feel more balanced and lighter, grounded and calmer each time.