It Is All About You ~ ancient success secrets to wealth, health and relationships

I am a Ho’oponopono practitioner certified by Joe Vitale, Dr. Ihaleakela Hew Len and Mathew Dixon of Ho’oponopono certification in USA. I have taught this powerful one day It is all about YOU! Workshop incorporating Ho’oponopono principles, for the past nine consecutive years. These teachings can be applied to all aspects of life like health, financial, relationships, inner calm and balance and planetary restoration and global peace.

Becoming aware that we are largely run by our conditioning, which began as other peoples viewpoints to which we are all exposed in growing up and begin as thoughts we take on unquestioned, being repeated over and over by ourselves that eventually become deep seated beliefs held in our subconscious mind. According to Dr Bruce Lipton PhD, biologist, and to the latest neuroscience, we are primarily 95 % run by our subconscious programming. We simply can not address and hope to transform how we live and function as human beings by exclusively targeting the conscious mind. We have to be able to access the subconscious mind to begin to transmute the programming at the subconscious level. Ho’oponopono offers a way to do this.

I was Divinely inspired to create this workshop It is all about YOU! in which I combine some Ho’oponopono principles and relevant modern science findings, combined with some Mataphysical teachings all of which relate to the human condition and how to transmute non serving beliefs, from our subconscious mind. This is a powerful one day workshop which offers a potent way that can guide you to learn how to turn your life around for the better, by clearing negativity from your mind and cleansing your thoughts to help you to live a more purposeful life. Ho’oponopono helps you connect with the Divine from within yourself. Through the principles of this modality you can learn how to return yourself to more loving ways and forgiveness. You can discover that you can grow your faith and courage to accept and face the truth of what is in your life as you learn how you can transmute issues, perceptions and responses to the various circumstances in your life to enable you to begin living more stress-free and with no regrets.

In my work and in this workshop we learn to respect and grow our abilities to work more effectively with our awareness, our intuition, feelings and emotions, the invisible full potentiality, the Spiritual essence of our selves. I have taught and continue to do so, that it is the incorporation of so called left and and so called right brain functioning, logic and creativity, of science and Spiritual teachings, of mind and heart, of seen and unseen, the incorporation of both fields, of a whole brain approach with healthy respect to all aspects of brain functioning, which will take us forward in our overall human awakening evolutionary growth.

”The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind a faithful servant, we have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein.

As human beings, we can learn to live in a balanced state of Divine flow, we can learn how to completely clear our minds from mental programming and unconscious negative beliefs which run us all and we can return ourselves, moment by moment, to love. We can and need to now remember and embrace the gift within us all with love, and set our self free.

Payment for this one day It is all about YOU! Teaching and process workshop : is R 4 000 paid in full prior commencement.

This workshop can also be conducted at 1 ½ hour sessions over three days and the last session being two hours . Payment R4800

This fee also includes a separate one hour and half Counselling session which is held within a few days after the one day workshop, to assess how you are applying Ho’oponopono modality which through correct application becomes a way of life you can learn to live moment to moment.

Repeating this workshop is highly recommended and regularly done by many. This occurs with those of you who seek to deepen your awareness of these Ho’oponopono teachings, as you learn how to apply these sacred and profound universal quantum spiritual teachings into every aspect of your life: R1 000 for each repeat.

From 2020 through to 2021, I provided Ho’oponopono on-line process work with individuals who have attended my It is all About You Ho’oponopono workshop and who felt the call to step into working on themselves in relation to the global issues our world was and still is currently traversing. These processes were based upon once a week, one hour sessions, working with specific themes on-line, each month utilising the ways of Ho’oponopono to clean on our memories and transmute issues we as humanity are facing. From 2021 to 2023 the group work moved to an on-line one hour process once a month.

From 2024 we now offer exquisite in person group processes once a month, to members who have completed the ‘It is all about you’ workshop, with the intention of meeting each month throughout the year working with Ho’oponopono principles. These evening gatherings are focused, private processes held in a group format where each one is invited to work with the self to transmute, let go what does not serve, as we step into returning the self to love and raising vibrations and frequencies within ourselves. please join our Ho’oponopono Processes in person monthly group work.