Meet Your Spirit Guides (level 2)

Following on from level 1 is this exciting SHAMANIC JOURNEY WORK & MEETING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES level 2, which I have provided for well over 18 consecutive years so far. This program is divided into five sessions, each session is a two hour process each time. These sessions are held closely together, on consecutive days in which you are safely, easily, step by step expertly guided to learn how to travel into worlds, called the Lower world and the Upper world and begin to awaken your abilities which can lead from ordinary to non ordinary reality, not making it up, into actually beginning to experience this for real. This program is a beautiful extension if chosen, of level 1 whereby in level 2 you will be working with your already acknowledged and ‘known’ Animal power. One does not have to complete both level 1 and level 2, however, one has to have completed level 1 in order to engage with level 2. This SHAMANIC JOURNEY WORK & MEETING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES program is provided in person only.

In the sessions I provide clear outlines and definitions of what is the Lower world and Upper world. What is a Spirit Guide. Discussion is shared regarding the Sacred Directions and the client’s direct and personal connection to the inner Universe of Self. Explanations, and a conversation around healthy and realistic expectations and outcomes relevant to this sacred process are engaged with in this program. What is required with each client who chooses this program, is a willingness to step into learning to trust in what is being revealed and a requirement to step away from what the client would be preferring to show up. The journeys are real and it is necessary for each client to be willing to be open and curious rather than prescriptive in this field of work.

Throughout this program, I create a sacred space in which the client is encouraged to easily step into the sacred journey process which is facilitated by me, for the opportunity that the client can meet and experience a real, meaningful, deep connection within themselves and with the Lower world and Upper world realms, and with the meeting of a Master Teacher in the form of a Spirit Guide, which lovingly comes forward to offer support and guidance to the individuals interested to explore this profound Spiritual process. Journal work is recommended for this work through out this program which allows the client to document what his or her psyche is powerfully revealing each time.

This process is incredibly nurturing and empowering. In our structure we have created an empowering space to best assist each client to begin a safe, grounded, deeper more meaningful relationship with the Self. In this program you can learn – how to observe and pay attention to what is being revealed to you, – to listen to your inner wisdom, – how to gain greater clarity in what is being revealed to you each time, – how to witness who you are becoming through inner reflection and contemplation work, – how you can learn to begin to trust and acknowledge your Self and the Universe at large, – how you can learn to bring these inner shifts in a meaningful conscious way, into your life to support, heal and transform your separations as you learn to step into accessing and embracing more wholeness within yourself and into your life.

All of the journeys provided are structured on a process basis. Each process is offered on a one on one basis and can be offered with a small group of people, depending.


General Outline and Financial exchange.

After your Initial Consult, (please read terms of service) if this program SHAMANIC JOURNEY WORK & MEETING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES is what you choose to commence with, you indicate when you will like to begin with this program, dates and times are discussed and when agreed upon, the process begins. The program is a process of five, two hour sessions, held close together, on consecutive days to completion. All sessions are structured and conducted ‘live’ in person only with me. (On line options for this program are not available)

Payment is conducted upfront prior to commencement of this program.

Investment ( Level 2) : R 4000 per person for five sessions, two hours per session, held close together on consecutive days until completion.

These journeys provide sacred healing processes, gently and safely awakening people to meet with their Spirit friends and helpers available to each one of us, who can help us to heal and balance our selves. Accompanied with your Power Animal you learn to safely and gently journey into the Lower World and to meet a Spirit Guide / Guides as you learn to effortlessly and gracefully journey into the Upper World.

These journeys help to dissolve feelings of disconnection, powerlessness and isolation and help people to sacredly awaken their awareness to the support and guidance available to each of us. The entire healing process is gentle, nurturing and greatly empowering.