Mindfulness Coaching & Intuitive Counselling

We offer a six month, and also a one year ( twelve month ) program for this service. Sessions are based on one hour once a week every month, ‘live’ with me as your personal Coach in person or on line, for the six or twelve month period. In this MINDFULNESS COACHING & INTUITIVE COUNSELLING program, the focus of work is dedicated to support you to become aware, heal, balance and transform yourself and your life in the ways which serve you for the better. I recommend each client works privately with journal work as an effective structure for the client to gain personal insights, to document observations and to start charting their own progress going forward.

In these sessions, I work with two major structures: mindfulness and counselling.

”Mindfulness” is another word for remembering and often it is said as remembering the being behind all our doing, or the essence of who we are. Working at an appropriate pace, clients are guided through various awareness exercises that increase attention, calm the body, and explore narratives and emotions. The benefits of mindfulness coaching are many, including better focus, self-awareness, stress resilience, creativity, meaning, and happiness.

In these sessions I combine when necessary, my Intuitive Counselling abilities to best support your healing process regarding any relevant wounding of past/ current traumas, repeating patterns which are blocking you and keeping you from being and having what you seek for yourself.

The focus in this program, is to help identify and then transform beliefs, primarily locked in your subconscious mind, that no longer serve you. By becoming more aware, you get to witness the belief patterns you have, which are running your life – some which support where you are in your life and some which do not and you get to choose which beliefs you want to uphold and which beliefs you would like to release and transform. In these sessions I will be guiding you how to shift your ways, your conditioning and habits which no longer serve you, to help you to turn your life around for the better.


General Outline and Financial exchange.

After your Initial Consult, (please read terms of service) if this program is the service you choose for yourself, you select either a six month or a twelve month period and we have two options within this program for you to consider, (see below). All sessions are structured on a weekly basis unless more sessions are necessary to better support you. The sessions are conducted weekly each month, ‘live’ either in person or on line with me. This requires weekly, monthly set appointments to be made between myself and yourself accordingly for the full period of this program.

Payments are all conducted upfront each month and are paid either monthly for the full six months or for the full twelve month programs.

Option One Mindfulness Life Coaching & Intuitive Counselling program

Investment for Option One : R 2200 per month (for four one hour sessions, done weekly) You select your program, for either a six or twelve month period.

Option two Mindfulness Life Coaching, Intuitive Counselling & re- balance work program combo – a minimum of two sessions per month, alternating within each month depending on your needs, with either a PSYCH–K, and / or a Crystal Surgery energy rebalance. This is discussed in the Initial Consult session and selected accordingly.

Investment for Option Two : R 3000 per month (for four one hour sessions, done weekly). You select your program, for either a six or twelve month period.

Option three Mindfulness Business Coaching and Intuitive Counselling program – this is a one year program commitment. Every month will focus on business goals, strategies, tactics, with skill sets shared to help support your goal setting and goal achievements aimed at helping you to raise your game regarding your career / business to the next level. This option combines at least one Counselling session in every month.

Investment for OptionThree : R 5000 per month (for four one hour sessions, done weekly).