Mindfulness Coaching & Intuitive Counselling Combined With Crystal Surgery Energy Re-Balance Sessions

We offer a six month, and also a one year (twelve month) program for this service. Sessions are based on one hour MINDFULNESS COACHING & INTUITIVE COUNSELLING followed immediately with a one hour CRYSTAL SURGERY ENERGY RE-BALANCE TREATMENT session, held once a week every month, ‘live’ with me as your personal Coach done in person, and also offered as a distance service (remote service) too for the six or twelve month period.

In this program offering MINDFULNESS COACHING & INTUITIVE COUNSELLING combined with CRYSTAL SURGERY ENERGY RE-BALANCE TREATMENT, the focus of work is dedicated to support you to become aware, heal, balance and transform yourself and your life in the ways which serve you for the better. I recommend each client works privately with journal work as an effective structure for the client to gain personal insights, to document observations and to start charting their own progress going forward.

”Mindfulness” is another word for remembering and often it is said as remembering the being behind all our doing, or the essence of who we are. Working at an appropriate pace, clients are guided through various awareness exercises that increase attention, calm the body, and explore narratives and emotions. The benefits of mindfulness coaching are many, including better focus, self-awareness, stress resilience, creativity, meaning, and happiness.

In these sessions I combine when necessary, my Intuitive Counselling abilities to best support your healing process regarding any relevant wounding of past/ current traumas, repeating patterns which are blocking you and keeping you from being and having what you seek for yourself.

With reference to “Crystal Surgery” I have been mentored by Vivien Schapera of Four Winds Academy from USA, August 2011 and I am qualified and certified as a Crystal Surgery practitioner to provide Crystal Surgery treatments which offer a complementary energy healing approach to traditional medicine.

According to Energy Medicine, the body’s health depends on information fields on the energetic or quantum field level (in the energy body and in the energy field around the body). These information fields are active, creative forces directly and intimately involved in the manifestation of a person’s state of health. With Crystal Surgery, we examine the body’s health through the viewpoint of the energy systems, in order to assess the information and work towards adjusting and re – balancing these fields to produce harmony and good health. Poor health and dis – ease can be defined as an imbalance in the informational energy systems. Healing work is accomplished by working on these energy disturbances in an effort to eliminate the disharmony and restore natural health.

I combine what I have learned in Crystal Surgery with my specific knowledge and experience to be able to connect directly with the Quantum / Spiritual / energy fields where I am Divinely / intuitively guided, working only for the highest good for all concerned, with each client, every time. This modality requires of each practitioner to follow the clinical protocols of Crystal Surgery and to combine ones natural intuitive and psychic capabilities.

In this combination program, we commence with an hour of talking focused therapy, regarding Mindfulness Coaching and Intuitive Counselling, and thereafter we provide a generally speaking, non-talking treatment in the form of Crystal Surgery sessions. The Crystal Surgery sessions are based upon a structure of one hour sessions. This combination service is therefore a two hour process offering the combination of these modalities into this specific service done once a week for your chosen period of time, either six months or twelve months, done in person or conducted over distance at set appointment dates and times. In this program, the focus of work is dedicated to support you to heal, awaken and transform yourself and your life for the better and clients are therefore encouraged if talking therapy and energy work is chosen by the client, to consider to choose to do this combination program as a structure which aims to help you to learn to become aware and gain insights into your own programming and offers tried and tested methods and ways for you to test for yourself to discover what works best for you, in between the sessions, to help you shift your non- serving habitual ways into ways which serve you more. This program is incredibly powerful and supportive. You begin to witness your own growth and you learn to chart your way forward. The energy re-balance treatment which follows the talking therapy in each session, is incredibly supportive guiding and offering you ways to calm yourself to help assist you in your internal process of deeper integration and overall transformation. The consistency of this work, can help you yield incredible results for those who choose to step into a greater sense of self, as you learn to embrace a life worthy of who you truly are, and can greatly assist you to re-balance, harmonise, empower, transform and optimise your overall well being with your consistent growth.

Crystal Surgery treatments require the client to lie down on the therapy bed, fully clothed and blankets are placed over the body. If the treatment is done remotely, the talking part is done on line, the Crystal Surgery section is done over distance, the individual is recommended for the energy re-balance part of the treatment to be calm, to rest at their own premises, during the treatment session. In Crystal Surgery treatments, work is conducted in a very specific manner for specific procedures in each session. All Crystals have precise, unique properties. In each treatment, specific Crystals are worked with, in certain ways and are placed on top of the blanket which covers the client’s body, in specific positions correlating directly with the energy systems of the client’s body. Many clients fall asleep during the treatments. Some do not. Some sensitive clients sense / report that they actually can experience the deeper levels of energy work being done while in the treatment, whether the treatment sessions are in person or distance. Others do not. Yet, all remark after the treatment, a greater sense of being more centred, calm and with more clarity and tend to experience a sense of feeling lighter, somewhat refreshed and grounded.

Crystal Surgery energy rebalance sessions are holistic in nature and can benefit generally speaking, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions of the client. Every client’s situation and conditions are unique. If this combination modality of a talking therapy followed by a non talking treatment as weekly a combination is an appropriate option for the client to consider, it is highly recommended to select Mindfulness Coaching and Intuitive Counselling combined with Crystal Surgery Energy re-Balance Treatment sessions.

The focus in this program MINDFULNESS COACHING & INTUITIVE COUNSELLING combined with CRYSTAL SURGERY ENERGY RE-BALANCE TREATMENTS, is dedicated to support you to transform your current non-serving beliefs and ways which hold you back in your life, into more balance, where you are supported and can learn how to support yourself in terms of who you are and who you are wanting to become in your life and how you want to live your life going forward. By becoming more aware, you get to witness the belief patterns you have, which are running your life – some which support where you are in your life and some which do not and you get to choose which beliefs you want to uphold and which beliefs you would like to let go and transform. In these sessions I will be guiding you how to shift your ways, your conditioning and habits which no longer serve you, to help you to turn your life around for the better and where you will be learning ways to calm, centre, earth your self to help you feel more present in your self and within your life.

MINDFULNESS COACHING & INTUITIVE COUNSELLING combined with Crystal Surgery Energy Re – Balance treatment sessions

Outline and Financial exchange.

After your Initial Consult, (please read terms of service) if this MINDFULNESS COACHING & INTUITIVE COUNSELLING combined with CRYSTAL SURGERY RE-BALANCE TREATMENT program is the service you choose for yourself, you select either a six month or a twelve month period. Sessions are an hour MINDFULNESS COACHING & INTUITIVE COUNSELLING followed immediately with an hour CRYSTAL SURGERY ENERGY RE-BALANCE TREATMENT session, conducted each week, monthly for the full duration of your choosing, either for the six month or twelve month period.

Payments are pre paid, conducted upfront each month, for the full duration of the period you have chosen, either for the six month or twelve month period.

Investment : R 6000 per month (for two and half hour sessions, done weekly). You select your program, for either a six or twelve month period.

Embrace real change for the better as you learn to empower and master yourself as you learn to calm yourself to help you to shift stubborn, negative thinking patterns, unbalanced emotions, destructive behaviors into supportive ways of being where you can learn to thrive and start living the life you have longed for!