Past Life Regression process work

This is a three month program. PAST LIFE REGRESSION processes are held twice a month alternating with two MINDFULNESS COACHING and INTUITIVE COUNSELLING sessions each month, and sessions are based on one and half hour, once a week, live sessions one on one with me as your facilitator, held each month throughout the program. Thereafter the program can be followed by extending this to another three months program or by selecting various other support programs, dedicated to help and support you to balance, awaken and transform yourself and your life for the better.

”Mindfulness” is another word for remembering and often it is said as remembering the being behind all our doing, or the essence of who we are. Working at an appropriate pace, clients are guided through various awareness exercises that increase attention, calm the body, and explore narratives and emotions. The benefits of mindfulness coaching are many, including better focus, self-awareness, stress resilience, creativity, meaning, and happiness.

In these sessions I combine when necessary, my Intuitive Counselling abilities to best support your healing process regarding any relevant wounding of past/ current traumas, repeating patterns which are blocking you and keeping you from being and having what you seek for yourself.

Past Life Regression is a skilled process I have worked with many clients in my practice over the years, to help a client access deeper meaning to their current situations which may originate in past experiences. In these sessions a person is safely guided to access this information, in which a person witnesses for them self, scenarios which can assist the person to have insight into them self and which can inform the counselling and coaching process to best assist the client to transmute and transform blocks and limits in their every day life.

The benefits of this type of mentor-ship are many, including better focus, self-awareness, stress resilience, creativity, self development, deeper insight and meaning, self empowerment, inner peace and fulfilment.

I provide a dynamic approach which combines a clinical respect and my intuitive abilities to best support you to help you to awaken yourself and begin, grow and accelerate your innate ability to turn your life around for the better. Learn to become the best version of yourself as you step up and into the driver’s seat of your life.


Outline and Financial exchange.

After your Initial Consult, (please read terms of service) if this program is the service you choose for yourself, this program is three months. All sessions are structured on a weekly basis unless more sessions are necessary to better support you. The sessions are conducted weekly each month, ‘live’ with me. This requires weekly, monthly set appointments to be made between myself and yourself accordingly for the full period of this program.

Payments are all conducted upfront each month and are paid for the full three months of this program.

Investment : R 3200 per month (covers four sessions per month, of one and half hours per session, done weekly) based upon a three month program

Choose to step into more awareness about yourself and gain access through transformation process work, to find deeper inner peace as you learn to integrate and to balance your past to enable you to be more present with yourself. Chart new ways forward with greater insight into yourself as you step into ways you grow your wholeness.