Shamanic Intensive ~ Activating & Awakening Process ~ Shift, Awaken, Heal, Reclaim!

Our Shamanic Intensive ~ Activating and Awakening process ~ offers you profound opportunities in a safe space, to beautifully and powerfully shift your awareness, to awaken and begin to release stuck energies, and to re claim your authenticity as you learn to step into the empowerment of self. This is a profound process structured on a one on one intensive basis with a client who seeks to face, embrace and transcend destructive, self limiting / self diminishing / self threatening issues in relation to their personal behavior and ways, and or their current reality. Incredible rapid results. Life changes are real.

The process is ceremony based, which I facilitate with you, utilizing the Medicine Wheel journey, helping you to awaken within you your innate Archetypal Powers, invoking respectfully the assistance from the Four Directions, the Above, and Below Spirit worlds, and the Within world … that innate space intimately and directly connected with the Divine Creator Source, which bears witness and assists the healing endeavors, for the highest good for you and all concerned.

This Shamanic Intensive process requires a commitment of a minimum of a 12 hours process work done in one session. The amount of time is dependent on the client’s willingness to let go of issues which no longer serve, and to begin to learn to embrace new more supportive ways of being. Dependent on you and your willingness to let go the non serving paradigms, the process is usually completed within a maximum of 15 hours in the process. If however, for whatever reason and with no judgment you may require more time (more than 15 hours) in which to complete this Shamanic Intensive process, additional time is set up with additional fees to cover the extra time required in which you can complete this process.

A person brings with them meals and soft drinks / cool / warm clothing / blankets with them because this experience is held in doors and outside / day and night included.

In none of my work, do I work with any substances to induce heightened states of well- being. I work with you and teach you how to access, from within yourself, naturally, heightened states of well being. No drugs or alcohol will be permitted with this process.

Shamanic Intensive ~ Activating and Awakening process

Outline and Financial exchange.

After your Initial Consult, (please read terms of service) if this program is the service you choose for yourself, a suitable day and times are agreed upon between myself and yourself in which your process will be held. The Shamanic Intensive process is held only in person, there is no on-line option for this service.

Payment is conducted upfront prior the commencement of the process.

Investment : R 7000 covering this intensive which will be a minimum of 12 hours done in one process.

Many people after completing this intensive process opt for further supportive process work, selecting one or various other programs we offer to help facilitate further healing and transformational work which you may require.

A potent process providing a safe space for you to release and transform what no longer serves you within your ways for a better more balanced life for yourself. Incredible rapid results. Life changes are real.