Smudging Course. Learn the art and craft of space clearing.

Learn the art and craft of an ancient skill of space clearing in an easy modern way! In a world filled with distractions, learn to become centered, grounded and clear as you begin your own process to transform yourself and your life!

”Smudging” is a sacred practice originating from the First Nations Peoples of the Americas. Traced back to well over thousands of years ago, ”smudging” can be found in oral traditions, preserved by official Tribal People, like Shaman, Story-Tellers and Medicine People, Seers, Healers who taught generations after generations to present times, the skill of ”smudging” as a method of clearing and harmonizing energies. ”Smudging” having survived the tests of time is practiced on all continents across our planet to this day, as it continues to offer humanity an effective method , which when specific protocols are upheld, derives excellent and effective results.

I provide a beautiful step by step five hour Smudging Training Course which is easy and comfortable to follow, to help you to know how to learn to shift stuck, negative, toxic energies within and around the self. ”Smudging” is a sacred process and can be done by anyone willing to learn to uphold the required protocols involved. This work is as much about yourself as it is to develop awareness around yourself at all times.

As a spiritual coach, a shamanic practitioner, I am trained and experienced as a Medicine Wheel carrier. It is with full permission granted to me from my Shaman teachers to share this knowledge to help raise the light within humanity in this world and I do so in my own authentic manner. Everything I do is in service of my Creator Source of Light for the best and highest good only, to help transmute discord, to transform, heal, awaken and re-birth balance within humanity and for our planet home especially now in these times.

In this course you will receive my Basic Smudging Kit which comprises :

    • GLOW Smudge Mix of specific dried herbs – natural herbs grown without pesticides or chemicals
    • Abalone shell harvested with respect to Ocean quotas / or a ceramic burning bowl if preferred
    • prayer-blessed sand
    • pure charcoal which contains no animal parts, held in an air tight glass bottle container
    • a box of incense

This is an easy to follow step by step course which is a five hour process taught to you by myself covering protocols in the three hours initially followed by an application process of two hours where you are personally overseen by me to ensure you are applying correctly, what you have learned in this course.

Payment for the five hour Smudging space clearing teaching and process which includes my Basic Smudging Kit : is R 4000 paid in full prior commencement.