Corporate Well-being Programs

We provide expert coaching support for general health and happiness, in the form of tailored Well-Being Programs for companies and organisations. The programs offer a fun, exciting, insightful, effective, participatory process to help staff members to master specific skill-sets to help each member achieve and sustain more balanced states of emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

These programs can help reduce stress and overwhelm, improve morale, awareness, motivation, sense of self-worth and self-respect, can assist in problem solving, and finding solutions in work structures, can contribute positively towards healthy team building, can assist with reducing staff turn-over and can have positive impacts in financial terms regarding company bottom line.

“Success is not only what we achieve in our life, it is who we become personally in the process as you grow and develop yourself – ultimately success is who you are, how you live every aspect of your life. It is a life process which you must choose for yourself to make it a life style.

And well-being is a crucial, fundamental aspect of success.”

We tailor our programs having met with your company to understand specific requirements; we then design a personalised program to suite your requirements and deliver and monitor the programs working in person with your staff monthly, for yearly programs.

Investment fees are client specific, based on requirements.

We are committed to help each company we work with, to make positive change for the better.